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"services" error


  • brownie318 started the conversation

    The 'services' section is mis-arranged on the "SERVICES" page. Before, there were 6 services listed, properly displayed as two rows of three each. Now, the same 6 services are there, but displayed across 3 rows: row 1 has 3 services, row 2 has 1 service, and row 3 has two services.

    I had this problem before last August -- except, that time it was on the Home page. You gave me a fix, and the homepage works properly, but now the exact same problem is happening again on the "SERVICES" page.

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    Lee replied

    Hi there,

    I've just pushed an update to theme forest which resolves this issue, you should get an email notification once it's available to download.

    Thank you, Lee

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  • brownie318 replied

    thank you :)