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  • Armalazz started the conversation

    Hello and thank you for very nice work with this theme!

    i have some issues or questions about theme to report, hope you can find a good solution for me.

    General questions:

    1 Woocommerce themes outdate: there are some parts that needs to be fixed whit newest versions (see attachement 1)

    2 Price font: is there possible (with some css code) to change the font only for the prices shop?

    3 Back to Top Button: is there possible to add a "back to top" button in the footer? (this will be very useful in responsive too)

    Responsive side issues:

    4 Scrolling in the responsive version: there is some issue in the scrolling down on IOS Iphone, the scroll seem like slow and not very fluid.

    5 Menu in responsive: opening menu in responsive shows directly all main links and all sublinks, there is some way to show only main links and to open sublinks just after clicking on main? (see attachment 2)

    6 Checkout Woocommerce: the checkout page does not resize properly to stay inside the frame correctly. (see attachment 4)

    thank you so much!

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      2 menu responsive issue.jpg

  • Armalazz replied

    checkout issue

    Attached files:  checkout attachment 4.png

  • Armalazz replied

    hello, there is some major issue about page categories, in the shop. Selecting categories with one single element, the new page show like in attachment: no full width, floating and with white text in products... like css was completely lost. Otherwise If elements inside category are 2 or more, all is ok.

    can you help me?

    Attached files:  SHOP CATEGORY ISSUE.jpg

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    Lee replied


    Thank you for your patience, I've just returned from holiday. I will look into these issues for you, and reply below and answers I can give now.

    Thank you

    Thank you, Lee

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    Lee replied

    Hi there,

    I'ver gone through and have some responses which I hope will help.

    1. Woocommerce themes outdate: I'm updating these for the next version release which will be very soon.
    2. Price font: Sure, you can add something like the below...
    3. Back to Top Button: I've just added this as standard functionality, will include in update.
    4. Categories: Could you post a link to the pages with the categories please so I can investigate.
    5. Responsive side issues:
    6. Scrolling in the responsive version: This should be resolved in the version I'm working on, can you test the demo site please.
    7. Menu in responsive: This one is a little complicated and would require some custom work. Let me know if you're interested.
    8. Checkout Woocommerce: Can you change the page template to "Page Builder" to see if this helps.
    /* Price font */
    span.woocommerce-Price-amount.amount {
        color: red;
        font-family: arial;

    Thank you

    Thank you, Lee

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  •   Armalazz replied privately
  • Armalazz replied

    Hello, some others problems about responsive theme: 

    1 Checkout Page: on Android mobile: there is something wrong, because the page wont load properly (see attachment)

    2 CART page:  product photos are not centred with text in mobile version. (see attachment)

    3 Blog Header Hero i accidentally turn off the hero option in blog (my fault sorry) now how i can get  back the hero again on the page?

    Attached files:  cart images not centred on mobile.jpg
      checkout page load interrupted.png

  • Armalazz replied

    Update about scrolling issue on IOS iphones

    Hello, i found that the problem is in scrolling setting. the scrolling is now set in auto (if you leave the finger, scrolling suddenly stop) there are no inertia.  Inertia come With touch mode (push down or up and the page keep scrolling without finger)

    i used some css to solve that, like this 

      -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;

    if enabled. the site scroll in touch mode on IOS IPHONES very well, BUT! there are a few of bug that comes after this, about menu and others elements (like age verification), so i cant find a good solution yet.

    i think you need to investigate about that 

    i hope you could reply me, very soon about my problems with theme

    thank you!