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Logo Header Desktop and Mobile


  • Taurinense started the conversation

    I have some problem with the theme:

    1. The header logo is not clickable, I would like it to take you to the homepage.

    2. the header logo in the mobile version is too big, it ends above the slide and the scripts. (Attached photo)

    3. Age verification button is all wrong (Attached photo)

    thank you so much

    p.s. Did you solve the problem open in my old ticket regarding the scroll in the mobile version?

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    Lee replied

    Hi there,

    I've made some changes to the theme which I've listed below.

    • Updated WooCommerce templates to 3.0
    • New - You can now use icon fonts or custom image with the animated numbers
    • element
    • New - Product search added to header
    • New - Added requirement for Google Analytics extension
    • New - User css field in theme settings
    • Fixed - Logo home url
    • Fixed - Contact form flash messages now show
    • Fixed - Logo width on mobile devices

    I've sent the theme over weTransfer if you could give it a go. I'm working on the scroll for mobile at the moment, the WooComemrce update has taken more time as it was a major update.


    Regards, Lee

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